What is Lyme Disease?

It is a spiral shaped snake like bacteria that can travel all over the body looking for a weak spot to place it colonies. It is very hard to eradicate because it changes shape and structure hiding from antibiotics where at least three different structures have been examined. Two of the structures make them immune to antibiotics.

We got over Lyme disease about 4 years ago using the water purifier drops or commonly called MMS. We did not have any detailed instructions Healing Lyme disease with using Jim Humble’s MMS solution because during those years because it was so new and experimental to people. We starting mixing and using the two bottles of water purifier at a level of 15 drops 2 to 3 times a day.

These 2 little bottles of MMS makes chlorine dioxide - a powerful killer of bacteria, viruses and fungus

These 2 little bottles of MMS makes chlorine dioxide – a powerful killer of bacteria, viruses and fungus

That made us very sick at times because we did not know it took days or weeks to work up to a higher level of usage or you might experience what’s called a “healing crisis”. We stayed on the large doses for several months. We were testing the level of Lyme Disease in the body as we progressed along. We were very excited to see that it indeed kill the bacteria. Then we went on a maintenance regimen of 10 drops everyday for 2 years. We still take a maintenance dose every couple weeks. If we notice any pain in the muscles, joints or elsewhere we will do Protocol 1000 for a week.

Now days people have lots of mms training on line and in books, videos and articles… Roi wrote a Kindle book on Lyme disease–

What Kills the Lyme Spirochete?

There is MMS Protocol 1000 — on Jim Humble’s website — printed on the websites… • Protocol 1000 – Sacramental MMS Protocol <<you need to work up to this!!! Please go slow! Start with taking just one drop of the activated MMS. Increase the amount over hours and or even days until you can work up to taking 3 drops every hour for 8 hours.

Read Roi Book that was accepted on Amazon!

That God puts an easy solution to every problem presented to me:
1) That I am an energy being and that I must keep my energy up by thinking about wellness, blessings, happiness and joy — not sickness!
2) That I am a physical being and I must get off the so-called convenience food, such as, sugar, artificial additives in our foods, I must quit recreational foods, wheat, packaged food, processed food, etc.
3) I am now on mostly organic fruits and vegetables. Organic beef and meats, and drinking green smoothies everyday.
4) I embraced energy healing (such as Reiki) and I apply God Force energy to my body every day. I learned how to release stress, anxiety, guilt, age, blame, feeling of not being good enough, worthy and not loving myself.
5) I reset my mindset in the above 5 points several times a day!
6) I found out that Lyme disease was a blessing and I soon got healthier and healthier!

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