Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning: Low Cost First Aid Kits

Most of us don’t like to think about what we would do in the event of an emergency. We watch movies and TV shows with incidents of international and even local threats and conflicts, and we don’t think that these threats could ever affect our lives.

Many laugh at the reaction of many in the 50’s, with home-built bomb shelters and stockpiling of supplies. The feared attack never came. Even the 9/11 incident has faded in it’s impact. Emergency planning does not have to be focused on large-scale events, it can be a localized, personal occurance. Emergency planning keeps you prepared, and there are many low cost first aid kit additions that can protect or even save your life.

What should be included in your kit? Clean plastic sheeting, duct tape, and emergency knife, matches, and candles are wise choices. An inexpensive radio and batteries can be important as well.

A cleansing or disinfecting product is an important addition as well. Whether you are camping, hiking, or have a local problem with water contamination, it is important to have a method for purifying water. Sodium Chlorite has been used for decades for water purification. You can purchase sodium chlorite in a 28% solution under the name MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution. When mixed with recommended solution of food acid, such as citric acid, this solution is a powerful detoxification tool for clearing bacteria, parasites, and viruses from the body.

Don’t forget emergency food rations. This can be those freeze-dried kits, but you can also consider the canned foods currently in your kitchen. Check these supplies periodically for expiration dates, and before those old supplies expire you can role-play your emergency response with your children so that everyone will be prepared.

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